Reem Kassem

I am an Egyptian cultural manager, producer and researcher based in Abu Dhabi. In 2021, I was named one of 50 most inspirational women in Egypt, in recognition of my innovation in the field, efforts in empowering women, and my role in advancing gender equality. 

I currently work as a senior Theatre Programmer at the Cultural Foundation (Department of Culture and Tourism. I have 19 years of work experience in the Cultural Sector, that include performing arts, community arts, arts for social, community and economic development, cultural policies and cultural diplomacy. 


My work experience includes, head of performing arts at the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), Manager of Programming and Cultural Affairs at the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation - ADMAF, Manager of Community and Education at (ADMAF), Founding Director of AGORA for Arts and Culture, and co-founder of


I believe in the power of education and love to be always on the hunt for knowledge. I am an international fellow of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, a global fellow of the International Society for Performing Arts, a Chevening Scholar and a Clore Cultural Leadership Fellow, a Tandem Shaml and a Robert Bosch Stiftung Alumni. 


I won the Pioneer of Egypt award from the Synergos Institute, the Nahdet Elmahrousa and Barkley's Bank award on social innovation for employment, and the Anna Lindh Foundation Award for intercultural dialogue. I am a member in some international networks among which is the U40 global network of the UNESCO, the Cultural Innovators Network, and the African Youth Advocacy Network. 


I am currently researching the role of arts and culture in developing resilience and preventing violent extremism (CVE/PVE). My PhD at University of West Scotland and Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin is looking at what has been happening in the world recently and trying to answer some of the whys, with the view of reducing the impact that such violent events will have on communities, and preventing violent extremism in the future. 


I believe, my life has a meaning only when it contributes to improving humanity.                                                      Photo credits: Kariem Saleh

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