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It’s that time of the year when we stop and look around us, inside us, and reflect!

I do this process twice a year, one time when I realize I have grown a year older, and one time at the end of each calendar year, which is now! I didn’t reflect this year in October. I was so angry with myself and even more angry that I was unable to reflect. My emotions were stuck in something that I couldn't understand. As if there is something that was holding me back and hindering me from moving forward. In other words; my soul was chained!

Only now I understood why! I realized I have lived a year without a purpose; without moving even closer to my life purpose! That bigger purpose than the silly ones we run after every day at work or at home! I spent that time from October trying to understand why I have lived 2018 without taking steps forward towards my purpose. I found out that I have wasted my focus on things that do not matter, things that do not matter at all. I worried and worried and continued worrying. I have misused my time in a manner that was unfair to my health and my soul. I allowed so much shit to consume my thoughts and capture my brain. To the extend that this shit was almost becoming part of my brain function! I thank god I realized that I wasn't taking good care of me!

I can fully understand now how it feels like when life turns into a silly cycle of “eat work sleep, eat work sleep, then eat work sleep die”! And before we die, we must find our purpose in life because it certainly isn’t just about being chained in that cycle of death forever! There is so much more to life than what we know! We yet know nothing and it is time to start knowing. It doesn't just happen that we decide to have a purpose, then the following day we find the purpose knocking our door. It takes time and wisdom and it needs us to also be spiritually awake, or maybe better to say to be spiritually clean. No negativity stuck inside us for ages! 

I see the purpose lying at the intersection between all the things we enjoy doing, are good at, feel accomplished when we do, and are also of common benefit! And to find this intersection needs hard work and patience. The decision to live for a purpose in itself needs courage, selflessness, and transparency inside out. It needs ability to see beyond us and our affairs, and to acknowledge our interconnections as well as our differences. And it definitely gets harder when we grow older and our responsibilities increase.  

At the end of this year, I would like to invite you all to find your purpose in life and to try living this life with the best version of you! I would like to encourage everyone to see beyond the cycle we are chained in every day. Please look ahead and beyond working, eating, and sleeping, even beyond politics and global security. Please look at humanity as a whole, the globe, and the planet; life on earth in all its general meanings. Look deep inside the "Why" of all meanings! 

Every creature has a role to play that affects many other things on earth. Any little behavior we do affects so many things around us. If we reach a state in which we are mindful of everything around us, we understand our limits, abilities, and worth, we will be able to find our purpose and pursue it! We are part of a bigger cycle! We come from mud and will return to mud; our energy is immortal and doesn’t expire. It will stay in the universe. Our bodies go back to mud, but our soul stays! 

Please find your purpose and do not waste another year on a stage acting a role you hate to play; please chose your character, find your "why", and please leave a positive energy to the universe behind :)

Happy new year with a purpose :)


PHOTO CREDIT: Reem Kassem,

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