The Magic in the Middle - Back to Yourself

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Something cool is about to happen to you if you are around the age of 35. You are about to fall in love!

You are most probably married, with children, or in a relationship since a decade now, or have had a dozen of partners over the past, maybe, 20 years! But yet you have never fallen in love before!

We only fall in love when we learn how to fall in love with ourselves first! And the awakening that happens to us in the middle of our lifetime is called self-consciousness, where we introduce ourselves to ourselves in very different ways, new ways, crazy ways, not necessarily good ways. The universe conspires to put us into situations where we examine our limits, stretch our brains, and explore our emotions differently. Maybe get hurt, deceived, cheated on, fall into traps, or even allow ourselves to step into traps with an eye wide open. This leads us to locate our soul!

At that time in life we tend to think about our energy and the energies that affect us. We become more aware of our needs, and picky when it comes to the people we want to be around. We pay attention to what we eat in food, and how we feed our souls in thought! And yes we become mini philosophers sometimes. With that comes our hunt after our purpose in life, and many thoughts about what we want to leave behind for humanity. Attached to it comes also our crazy decision-making attempts, and our braveness in deciding to quit doing things we don’t like or to stop being with people who exhaust our soul! Can you relate? Yes yes :)

The universe sometimes tries to send us signs and we are sometimes too stupid to understand. And we regret!

Falling in love is a process of discovery into ourselves. And it isn’t an easy process. It starts by you feeling lost! Purposeless! And with feeling lost you start looking for yourself. After some time, you will find a shadow of you, then you take your hand and start the discovery by questioning basic things in your life. You question your work, your partner, your interests, your being, the universe, the energy on earth. Why this and why that! It’s Ok, it’s normal, very healthy as well. You panic, maybe, or you feel ashamed that your brain sifted. But don’t, because we all go through the same process. Its humanity and it’s beautiful. You may find yourself thinking about some crazy stuff or doing some very “not you” things! It’s fine, embrace it. It’s still you but the developed version of you.

Only when you look outside the window you will see a new scene, don’t keep staring towards a one-way direction. Look around you and breath. Every breath is a gateway to your soul. You breath the air, but you breath the energy of people around you as well, you breath their smells, you even breath their thoughts, your eyes breath their smiles. Every interaction in life is a moment of discovery, a step forward towards love. At the end of this discovery you fall in love.

Love is inner peace with yourself. Love is definitely a soul that smiles and sexy is an idea or a conversation! Anything else is just a silly joke that may last for some years but not a lifetime.

And that’s the magic in the middle, where you finally see that Love is not a feeling or a relationship, you don’t need a partner to fall in love! Love is a state of being, and all what you need is to go back to yourself.

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