We are all Mentally unstable...

I woke up to this thought two days ago…

I haven’t seen my daily planner for weeks, maybe months, of how quick the rhythm was during the past period! Once again, I took a ride on a rollercoaster and just became conscious to this thought and I feel inclined to share it!

That morning the little bless inside me started chatting again: “you’ve been so lucky to have seen, been through and have witnessed a lot of bloody shit in this life, you have been so lucky to have known so many evil beings and bastards and yet you are still you, and yet you are still able to elevate your soul and rise above the crap, growing stronger and more resilient. And as much as those dreadful souls try to get to you, you continue to rise above them all…you are so blessed”.

But I interrupt to tell her: “But don’t you admit that you are already tired? For how many years will you keep fighting this fight as a sole player? From country to country, and life to life, isn’t it enough already? Or have you gotten too comfortable in managing shit?”

I guess I did!

I got comfortable in managing shit and learned how to build resilience to survive. But I didn’t know that this is resilience until recently. Only very recently I understood that I have been following very logical steps to build resilience and master my own mind, live inside it in peace, and push away anything that can affect my thoughts, and most importantly turn my back at the right moment and leave! This is when I became interested to study resilience and the human mind further and link it to the topic of my studies.

That day, I opened my planner and found that “Resilience” is the theme of this month and thought that this is the high note that we all should end our year with. To anyone suffering from anything at the moment, anyone finding themselves trapped in an awful situation with a “no way out” or a “critical deadly way out”, anyone who has suicidal thoughts and wants to leave or anyone with any mental illness whatsoever…or anyone who thinks that planet earth sucks as much as I do :) …be resilient, build more strings and master your mind!

We are all mentally unstable… at times…at many times! We all have our moments..our many moments..our difficult and extremely difficult moments…it's Ok to admit that..in fact, it is only right to admit that. Mental illness is just like a flue that every person gets I don’t know how many dozen times in his lifetime. At many times it takes us far away and at other times it takes us back to ourselves in grace and strengths. Resilience is the journey we decide to take in between, it is how we deal with those instabilities and feed our brain. There are many things one needs to do to develop resilience..but sometimes it comes to us as a gift.

You must seek help, speak up and connect with others when you feel your energy is disconnecting from your surroundings. Our souls are connected to one another through a string that sends and receives energy. Time after time those strings either break or develop. And when the time comes and all the strings are gone, it is the time when our soul gets released. Resilience is feeding those strings to grow thicker and stronger, it is our willingness to see things differently, and it is our ability to ride our minds and not let it drawn us.

We see people fall everyday; either fall into depression, anxiety, or shift their behavior towards violent extremism. The world is moving towards awkward directions and the only way to survive is to build resilience! So please start now!

One last note to end the year with; please stop producing children you can't raise! Use brith control :)

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